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Nittai Bergman

Associate Professor of Finance

Nittai Bergman has been teaching MBA Corporate Finance since joining the MIT Sloan School of Management faculty in 2003.

Bergman’s research interests are in the fields of corporate governance, financial contracting, and behavioral corporate finance. His work focuses on the ways in which financial frictions driven by agency costs impede the ability of firms to raise capital, the methods firms use to alleviate these frictions, and the real effects implied by the residual frictions...

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Research Center(s):
Laboratory for Financial Engineering

General Expertise:
Bankruptcy; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Bond negotiations

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Contact Information:

Office: E62-632

Tel: 617-253-2933

Fax: 617-258-6855


Support Staff:

Name: Alexandra West

Tel: 617-253-9747


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