Erik Brynjolfsson

Schussel Family Professor of Management Science
Professor of Information Technology
Director, The MIT Center for Digital Business


Erik BrynjolfssonErik Brynjolfsson explores how advances in information technology contribute to business performance and organizational change. He directs the MIT Center for Digital Business, a research initiative that analyzes the business uses of the Internet and other digital Technologies. His projects include a study of information worker productivity, a valuation method for intangible organizational capital, calibration of increased product variety online (a.k.a. the "long tail".) and an analysis of optimal pricing strategies for digital goods. In a related work, Brynjolfsson is assessing how investments in computers and networks alter economic growth, industry structure, and labor demand.

Faculty Media

  • A View Emerges of Business Technology’s Future as the Personalization of the Machine

    “With enough data, you can infer drug use or political persuasions,” he said. “These are things that are racing ahead, and we haven’t thought them through.”

  • Brynjolfsson and McAfee: The Jobs that AI Can't Replace

    While it is true that robots are getting very good at a whole bunch of jobs and tasks, there are still many categories in which humans perform better.

  • Automation For The People

    Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, in their recent book The Second Machine Age, argue that automation and advanced technologies are root causes to the widening income gap. But is it?

  • Is a Robot Waiting in the Wings for Your Job? Maybe.

    “The factory of the future may be run by just one man and one dog. The man’s job will be to feed the dog,” says MIT Sloan Professor Erik Brynjolfsson. “And the dog’s job will be to make sure the...

  • In a World of Artificial Intelligence, Where Will Latin Americans Work?

    Entrepreneurs and innovators argue that these changes will liberate workers from drudgery, but the consequences may be mixed. As consulting firm McKinsey has forecast, by 2025, such automated...

  • What Work Will Look Like In 2025

    To get a better insight, we asked the experts what work will look in 2025. Here's what they had to say.

  • Serious Gaming Takes Flight

    He agrees with Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson’s book “The Second Machine Age” in that the theory is “so relentlessly increasing the power of software, computers and robots that they’re now...

  • How to Outsmart the Robots in the Next Hiring Boom

    While AI and robotics make routine processing tasks fast and cheap, he argues, we’ll also see growth in fields like nursing and sales—jobs that require interpersonal, creative, and entrepreneurial...

  • 10 Jobs Your Computer Will Steal in the Second Machine Age

    Computers, and machines more generally, have been changing people's lives since the invention of the most primitive tools, but IT is now reaching a point where it can match mental work and...

  • It's Time for Presidential Candidates to Reckon with Robots

    Presidential candidates have been arguing for more than two decades now about whether free trade is hurting middle-class workers. In 2016, they may launch a similar debate about robots and...


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