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Tara Swart is an executive leadership coach, medical doctor, neuroscientist and frequent keynote speaker. She is passionate about disseminating simple, pragmatic neuroscience-based messages that change the way people work and sustainably translate to tangible improvement in their business and their lives.

Swart has authored or co-authored over 20 articles in journals of neuroscience and coaching. She speaks globally on the brain in business at international conferences, corporations and at top business schools including Oxford, Stanford and MIT.

She holds a BsC in Biomedical Science and PhD in Neuropharmacology from Kings College London, and a BM BcH in Medicine from Oxford University.

Faculty Media

  • How Does Failure Help Us Grow?

    Dr Tara Swart is a neuroscience consultant and business coach who was a medical doctor for 7 years and has a PhD in neuroscience. She has co-authored Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing the...

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    Before she begins training a group of executives on unconscious bias, Dr Tara Swart, a neuroscience PhD turned leadership coach, likes to give it to them straight.


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    There is more to learn from software developers than just programming. The revolution in technology has also brought us innovations in working and people management practices.

  • Leadership and the Brain: A User's Guide to Empathy

    In this article, Dr. Tara Swart takes a look at the neuroscience of business. How can it explain our interactions with stakeholders and help us optimize these?

  • Neuroplasticity 101

    Neuroplasticity is the mode of forging new, stronger pathways in your brain, says Tara Swart.

  • Neuroscience for Leadership

    Dr. Tara Swart discusses how neuroscience can be applied to leadership and be used by managers today.


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