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Donald Sull

Senior Lecturer

Donald Sull is a Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Sull is a global authority on managing in turbulent markets, and directs a week long course on effectively executing strategy in volatile markets. He has been identified as a leading management thinker by The Economist, the Financial Times, and Fortune which named him among the ten new management gurus to know...

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Technological Innovation
and Strategic Management

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Office: E62-469




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Name: Lindsay Pike

Tel: (617) 324-4075


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How Companies Can Avoid a Midlife Crisis

Date Added: December 02, 2013

The common perception is that companies, like people, pass through a series of life stages.1 Each firm begins with the experimentation and rapid-fire... more

Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

Date Added: November 19, 2013

In fast-paced industries, companies should think of strategy as an iterative loop with four steps: making sense of a situation, making choices,... more

How Companies Can Avoid a Midlife Crisis

Date Added: November 19, 2013

Executives can avert the seemingly inevitable decline of many mature corporations by viewing their organization as a portfolio of business... more

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