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Jeanne Ross

Director and Principal Research Scientist
Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)
MIT Sloan School of Management

Jeanne W. Ross directs and conducts academic research that targets the challenges of senior level executives at CISR's more than eighty global sponsor companies. She studies how firms develop competitive advantage through the implementation and reuse of digitized platforms. Her work has appeared in major practitioner and academic journals, including Sloan Management Review, Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, MISQ Executive, MIS Quarterly, the Journal of Management Information Systems, IBM Systems Journal, and CIO Magazine... Read More»

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Contact Information:

Office: NE20-336

Tel: 617-253-9461



Support Staff:

Name: Kate Moloney



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5 commandments of cloud preparation

Date Added: January 14, 2014

The clouds ability to accelerate technology adoption can lead to big advantages, so its well worth it to start the transformation. In a case study of... more

Turning Big Data Into Smart Data

Date Added: January 09, 2014

Companies are getting more data; in fact, the typical company doubles the amount of data it stores every two years. But more data isnt necessarily a... more

You May Not Need Big Data After All

Date Added: December 02, 2013

Companies are investing like crazy in data scientists, data warehouses, and data analytics software. But many of them dont have much to show for... more

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