Stephanie Woerner

Research Scientist
Center for Information Systems Research (CISR)


Stephanie Woerner Stephanie Woerner is a Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research. She studies how companies manage organizational change caused by the digitization of the economy. Her research centers on enterprise digitization and the associated governance and strategy implications. Three current studies include i. the amount, allocation and impact of enterprise-wide digital investments, ii. how digitization is influencing the next-generation enterprise, and iii. the impact of the Internet of Things on company business models and the competitive landscape. In previous National Science Foundation-funded work, she studied distributed work teams and their use of multiple media, electronic communication technologies and coordination mechanisms to get work done; she was also project manager for the five-year grant.

Faculty Media

  • Technology and the CEO Résumé: Instilling the Right Perspective on Tech

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  • Becoming Better Prepared for Digital Disruption

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  • How is Digitization Affecting Your Business?

    A short questionnaire from researchers at MIT Sloan's Center for Information Systems Research helps executives assess their companies' vulnerability to digitization.

  • CIO Upfront: The Digital Enterprise, Coming to a Competitor Near You

    Talking to CIOs at workshops before the conference, Dr. Peter Weill of MIT Sloan School of Management, laid out the results of his research with Dr. Stephanie Woerner, to help CIOs see what is...

  • IoT Maturity: Bridging the Gap Between Devices and Value

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  • Revisiting Complexity in the Digital Age

    As businesses grow and diversify, they almost inevitably make their range of offerings more complex. Complexity brings costs but smart use of todays digital technologies can help companies finesse...


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Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model Apr 2-3, 2019 | Sep 24-25, 2019

The Next Generation Enterprise: Four Business Models for Thriving in the Digital Era

Drawing from her study of 144 breakthrough initiatives in large organizations—as well as fascinating survey results from over 300 firms—Dr. Woerner familiarized participants with the significant changes, risks, and opportunities enabled by digitization.