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Jason Jay

Lecturer, Sustainability

Jason Jay is a Lecturer in Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

His current research focuses on the “Paradoxes of Hybrid Organizing” that arise when organizations combine institutional logics from business, government, and civil society organizations. This work builds on his in-depth ethnographic research on cross-sectoral partnerships...

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Organization Studies

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Office: E62-362

Tel: (617) 253-0594



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Name: Viggo C. Fish

Tel: (617) 324-6246


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Changing the conversation

Date Added: August 14, 2013

It seems that everyone talks sustainability these days. And the country has come a long way since the days when littering on the highway was... more

Jason Jay: Sustainability Unleased - Panel discussion at MIT Sloan Reunion Weekend 2012

Date Added: April 18, 2013

Jason Jay, the Director of the MIT Initiative for Sustainable Business in Society, leads a panel discussion about amplifying the impact of... more

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