Zeynep Ton

Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management


Zeynep  TonZeynep Ton is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Ton is currently examining how organizations can design and manage their operations in a way that satisfies employees, customers, and investors simultaneously. Her earlier research focused on the critical role of store operations in retail supply chains. Ton identified operational problems at stores that reduce retail supply chain performance as well as store profits and traced these problems to the design of store processes and the management of store labor.

Her work has been published in a variety of journals, including Organization Science, Production and Operations Management, and Harvard Business Review. In addition, she has written numerous cases that explore different approaches to managing retail stores and labor. Prior to MIT Sloan, Ton spent seven years as an assistant professor in the Technology and Operations Management area at Harvard Business School, where she was awarded the HBS Faculty Teaching Award for teaching excellence.

Ton holds a DBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy Nov 3-4, 2015 | Jul 19-20, 2016

Strategies for Sustainable Business Oct 26-28, 2015 | Mar 7-9, 2016

The Good Jobs Strategy: Why Good Jobs Are Good For Business
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