Roberto Rigobon

Society of Sloan Fellows Professor of Management
Professor of Applied Economics


Roberto Rigobon is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a visiting professor at IESA. Since joining MIT Sloan in 1997, he has won the "Teacher of the Year" award three times and received the "Excellence in Teaching" award three times.

His areas of research are international economics, monetary economics, and development economics. Roberto focuses on the causes of balance-of-payments crises, financial crises, and the propagation of them across countries—the phenomenon that has been identified in the literature as "contagion." He studies properties of international pricing practices, and is one of the two researchers behind how the Federal Reserve in the US determines its interest rate policy when there is a shock in the stock market index, and what is the impact of monetary policy shocks on asset prices.

He holds a PhD in economics from MIT, an MBA from IESA (Venezuela),and his BS in electrical engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela).

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