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Michelle Hanlon

Howard W. Johnson Professor
Professor of Accounting

Michelle specializes in empirical research at the intersection of taxation and financial accounting. Her recent work examines the capital market and financial accounting effects of book-tax conformity; measures, causes, and consequences of corporate tax avoidance; tax and accounting effects on foreign investment and repatriation of foreign earnings; and an examination of firms that report their financial accounting fraudulently... Read More»


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Office: E62-668

Tel: 617-253-9849

Fax: 617-253-0603


Support Staff:

Name: Elizabeth Galoyan

Tel: 617-253-9744


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U.S. corporate taxes: A strong incentive to move overseas

Date Added: August 17, 2011

When a U.S. company owns a subsidiary overseas, it has a big decision to make when it comes to the earnings of that subsidiary. Does it send the... more

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