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Donald Sadoway

John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry

Professor Sadoway's research seeks to establish the scientific underpinnings for technologies that make efficient use of energy and natural resources in an environmentally sound manner. This spans engineering applications and the supportive fundamental science. The overarching theme of his work is electrochemistry in nonaqueous media... Read More»

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Office: Room 8-201




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Tel: (617) 253-3487


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Donald Sadoway on the challenges facing the battery industry

Date Added: April 03, 2013

Donald R. Sadoway , the current John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is widely... more

Ambris Better Batteries

Date Added: February 20, 2013

Ambri cofounder Donald Sadoway, a professor of materials chemistry at MIT, conceived of the liquid-metal cell as a way to build a grid battery that... more

Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy

Date Added: February 19, 2013

What's the key to using alternative energy, like solar and wind? Storage -- so we can have power on tap even when the sun's not out and the wind's... more

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