Catherine Tucker

The Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing MIT Sloan School of Management


Catherine Tucker Catherine Tucker is the Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing MIT Sloan School of Management. Her research interests lie in how technology allows firms to use digital data to improve their operations and marketing and in the challenges this poses for regulations designed to promote innovation. She has particular expertise in online advertising, digital health, social media and electronic privacy. Generally, most of her research lies in the interface between Marketing, Economics and Law. She has received an NSF CAREER award for her work on digital privacy and a Garfield Award for her work on electronic medical records.

Tucker is Associate Editor at Management Science and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. She teaches MIT Sloan's course on Pricing and the EMBA course Marketing Management for the Senior Executive. She has received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching as well as being voted "Teacher of the Year" at MIT Sloan. She holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University, and a BA from Oxford University.

Faculty Media

  • When Selling Virtual Products Abroad, Don’t Put Prices On Autopilot

    If you have a physical product that you want to sell in more than one country, determining the price in different markets can be challenging.

  • Google Plus Losing to Facebook: What It Says About Internet Privacy

    Though Google has offered users a far more customizable system in the form of circles, it has failed to convert Facebook users.

  • Advertising Bans: Offline vs. Online

    We know all of this because of a study conducted by Catherine Tucker, a MIT professor in Information Technology and Management.

  • Should the FCC Protect Broadband Consumer Privacy?

    Providers, academics and privacy advocates discuss the way high-speed Internet has impacted privacy expectations for users, and the government’s ability to protect it.

  • MIT to Launch Digital Currency Inititative

    The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology has formally announced their plan to launch a Digital Currency Initiative within their Media Lab facilities.

  • MIT Sloan Professor Catherine Tucker Receives Top Marketing Award

    In recognition of her accomplishments as an emerging female marketing scholar and mentor, MIT Sloan Professor Catherine Tucker recently received the 2015 Erin Anderson Award, presented each year by...

  • Google and the Right to be Forgotten

    The European Court of Justice’s ruling that Google must honor individuals’ requests to be removed from search results—the right to be forgotten, as it has come to be known—is a misguided attempt to...

  • Ways to Escape the Empirical Nirvana

    A law professor from ETH Zurich and an economist from MIT Sloan have been studying how a court ruling on the use of trademarks as keywords in Internet advertisements affects user behaviour.

  • Behind Facebook and Google's Random Acquisitions

    A lot of attention has been paid lately to big tech companies buying up smaller firms in billion-dollar deals. I see these deals as a reflection of the uncertainty companies face as they try to...

  • Search Engines and Data Retention: Implications for Privacy and Antitrust

    Abstract: This paper investigates whether larger quantities of historical data confer a competitive advantage to firms that offer Internet search. We study how the length of time that search...


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