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Steve Spear

Senior Lecturer

Spear is a well-recognized expert on how select organizations manage complex development, design, and delivery efforts to create unmatched rates of internally generated, broad based improvement and innovation. Resulting leadership on reliability, agility, cost, quality, safety, and so forth produces sustainable competitive advantage even in the face of intense rivalry... Read More»

System Dynamics

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Office: E40-315

Tel: 617-281-7620



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competencia e innovacion en el mercadeo 2

Date Added: December 17, 2013

In part 2 of his interview with Noel Capon, Steven Spear shares his thoughts on competition and innovation in marketing.

competencia e inovacion en el mercadeo 1

Date Added: December 17, 2013

Steven Spear discusses competition and innovation in marketing

Daring to Question

Date Added: December 03, 2013

Lakshman Swamy sits down with Steven Spear, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for... more

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