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Tavneet Suri

Maurice F. Strong Career Development Professor
Associate Professor of Applied Economics

Tavneet Suri is a development economist who studies the evolution of markets and various market failures in the economies of Sub-Saharan Africa. Her main areas of focus are agriculture and formal and informal financial access, such as the adoption of seed technologies in Kenya and the extent of informal risk-pooling mechanisms in rural Kenya... Read More»


Applied Economics

General Expertise:
Africa; Applied economics; Applied microeconomics; Developing countries; Developing countries
economics; Econometrics; Economics

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Contact Information:

Office: E62-517

Tel: (617) 253-7159



Support Staff:

Name: Rose Ziv Carpenter

Tel: (617) 253-9746


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Reaching the Poor: Mobile Banking and Financial Inclusion

Date Added: March 01, 2012

In a recent Slate article, Jamie Zimmerman and Sascha Meinrath lament the exclusion of the poor from Kenyas much-touted expansion of mobile money,... more

MIT Sloans Tavneet Suri Shows How M-PESA, a Cell Phone-ased Payment System, is Helping Kenyans

Date Added: March 01, 2012

As the developed world begins its recovery from the global economic meltdown, the financial architecture in parts of the developing world is being... more

Best Prof: Tavneet Suri

Date Added: March 01, 2012

n Fact: I am fluent in English; Punjabi (a language indigenes to the region in the Indian sub-continent that straddles the border between India and... more

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