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Jared Curhan

Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Organization Studies

Professor Curhan specializes in the psychology of negotiation and conflict resolution. He received his BA in Psychology from Harvard University and his MA and PhD in Psychology from Stanford University. A recipient of support from the National Science Foundation, Curhan has pioneered a social psychological approach to the study of "subjective value" in negotiation (i... Read More»


Organization Studies

Research Center(s):
Institute for Work and Employment Research

General Expertise:
Dispute resolution; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational studies; Organizational behavior; Organizational psychology; Social psychology

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Contact Information:

Office: E62-388

Tel: (617) 253-5219



Support Staff:

Name: Adel Donegan

Tel: 617-258-8360


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Actually, Do Let Them See You Sweat: The Science Behind Why Sweating Before Negotiating Is Good

Date Added: November 14, 2013

If you're sweating and your heart rate is up, it's seen as a sign something is going wrong, that you're too nervous, off balance, flustered, M.I.T.... more

Work Up a Sweat, and Bargain Better

Date Added: November 11, 2013

If better health isnt enough incentive to take a brisk walk, perhaps there is another one: it may get you a better deal. New research from the... more

Gender stereotypes in negotiationdoes Sheryl Sandberg have it right?

Date Added: September 19, 2013

In Making a Positive Impression in Negotiation: Gender Difference in Response to Impression Motivation (Negotiation and Conflict Management... more

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