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Types of Programs

In our experience, companies use custom executive education programs to enhance the capabilities of their organization. Designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities of today's complex organizations, custom programs can be tailored to develop top leaders in an organization's context. Driving strategic change, creating social networks, enhancing leadership potential, and strengthening customer relationships are four broad imperatives that often compel custom executive programs.

Launching New Strategic Initiatives

Custom executive programs provide the platforms through which CEOs and senior executives can communicate new strategic initiatives or changes in strategic direction. The customized program can be specifically designed to signal and convey the new skill sets and approaches required to achieve these objectives. Examples of new directions may be moving from being a regional player to a global powerhouse in an industry, or capturing greater value as power moves from one part of the industry value chain to another. In cases like these, custom executive programs are high-leverage interventions capable of driving the organization to achieve a more competitive positioning within the industry.

Building Networks Across Boundaries

Custom programs bring together senior managers from across multiple functions and geographic segments around shared organizational learning. The opportunity to work together creates a valuable network within the firm that enhances senior managers' abilities to work effectively and rapidly throughout the organization. Custom programs can reinforce or begin to shift the corporate culture, create shared vocabulary, put new perspectives and approaches to work, and build trust among leaders who will produce results.

Developing Leadership Capabilities

Custom programs enhance the capability of key leaders within a company to increase the capital productivity of the firm and deliver outstanding business performance. Custom programs are usually focused on providing direction, building alignment, and enhancing communication between senior executives and key asset populations within the firm who have the most influence on the company's performance.

Enriching Customer Relationships

Custom programs can also help deepen relationships between an organization and its key clients. In this case, the executive program is developed with a sponsoring organization not for its employees but for its customers. By providing clients access to cutting-edge research and new approaches to management issues, firms can have a real, positive impact on their customers' businesses. In turn, this builds trust and strengthens the bond between an organization and its best customers.

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