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The MIT Sloan Custom Program Experience

Here is what you can expect generally as a custom program partner company. Your actual experience will depend on your organization's specific needs and challenges.

Program Structure

Programs can last two days, three months, an entire year—the length of time that is appropriate for achieving your learning objectives. Often, programs include multiple residential sessions for a group of participants we call. Our experience has shown that a cadre size of approximately 30 participants provides optimal discussion and meaningful interaction among faculty and participants. Programs frequently draw participants from around the world who connect—often for the first time—in the classroom and then work virtually on company-related team projects that translate newly acquired frameworks into action strategies for your company. Over the course of the custom program, participants from your company will witness a dramatic evolution in their perspectives and their ability to meet new challenges.

Deep Customization

MIT Sloan approaches each of our custom engagements as a lasting, mutually productive relationship, not an isolated educational transaction. We look for companies that are interested in making fundamental, strategic changes in the way they do business.

Significant Commitment

An MIT Sloan custom program is a joint venture created by a team of executives from your organization in collaboration with top faculty from across the MIT community. Together we develop a set of strategic frameworks to address your company's key priorities. For a custom program to have meaningful impact on the organization, it must be sponsored and championed by senior management.

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Initial Assessment

We invite you to phone or email us to outline your organization's desired outcomes and the timeline for your program. We arrange a conversation, usually by phone, with a custom program director to further understand your business challenges and determine whether your needs match our capabilities.

Exploratory Meeting

Senior executives and human resources representatives from your organization are encouraged to visit MIT Sloan to meet with faculty who are likely to teach in the program and the executive education directors who will manage the program. During the meeting, we discuss your business goals and organizational challenges, as well as your requirements, proposed participants, and desired outcomes for the program.


After the meeting, we prepare a preliminary proposal for your review. The proposal outlines suggested curriculum topics, program structure, potential faculty, delivery methods, recommended location, timing, and fees. We work together with you to refine the proposal until an agreement is reached.

Capabilities Requirements

Once we have an agreement, a faculty director and executive education program director are assigned to your program. Faculty review detailed company information and conduct interviews with management in your organization in order to understand the challenges facing your organization. On occasion, program faculty will travel to your site to better understand your business and meet prospective participants and program sponsors.

Program Design

After collecting all the necessary company information, the faculty and program directors refine the curriculum and delivery methodologies and engage additional faculty members to teach in the program. Throughout the design process, we work collaboratively with your team to ensure the program meets your expectations and addresses your needs.


The program is delivered by the faculty team to participants selected by your organization. All programs are taught by full-time MIT Sloan faculty, the same faculty who teach in our top-rated MBA and MIT Sloan Fellows programs.


Throughout the program and at its conclusion, we collect feedback and suggestions from participants, company sponsors and administrators, and faculty. The comments are analyzed and recommendations shared with all parties. If possible, real-time adjustments are made during the program.


Based on the program experience and feedback, as well as any new company or industry information available, the program is revised and updated for future sessions.

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Each MIT Sloan custom program is distinct, but most share these core elements:

Integrated Curriculum

A dynamic fusion of rigorous content, tools, and strategic frameworks maximize learning and dovetail with company needs, challenges, and objectives.

"Deep dive" Experiences

Immersive learning mechanisms allow participants to zero in on specific company issues.

Action Learning Projects

Participants put the latest research into practice through program project teams which address real company imperatives and make recommendations for action.

Targeted Goals

Custom programs are designed around specific company goals set by the sponsoring executives who are intent on achieving those goals.

Reciprocal Learning

Program participants get vital knowledge and perspectives from one another and build healthy alliances that serve them for years to come.

Virtual Collaborations

Team members located in multiple locations stay connected throughout the process with technology enabled learning platforms.

Continuous Feedback

Input from MIT Sloan faculty, company representatives, and program participants shapes the evolution of the program.

High-powered Team

Company participants, MIT faculty, and program staff create a productive, enduring network.

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