Custom Programs

Our custom programs are partnerships with some of the world's most influential organizations, intended to enable companies to drive revolutionary change, take advantage of opportunities, and master their toughest challenges through innovation. While each MIT Sloan custom engagement is developed individually, they are all powered by three essential engines: dynamic partnerships, rigorous concepts and frameworks, and learning in action.

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  • Dynamic Partnerships

    At the heart of MIT Sloan's approach to partnering with industry is collaboration—building lasting, meaningful, and mutually beneficial relationships. When we work with your organization to develop a custom program, we begin by putting together a team of MIT Sloan's top business minds with your organization's best managers. We bring together subject expertise from across MIT to meet your specific needs. You bring your company's imperatives, culture, and purpose. Together, we collaborate to tailor the program to address your organization's own challenges and goals.

    Rigorous Concepts and Frameworks

    The spirit of collaboration permeates everything we do throughout the Institute. At MIT, schools and departments work together seamlessly on multidisciplinary innovations. What this means for your organization is exposure and access to the most senior faculty of MIT Sloan, who are some of the world's brightest minds in a vast array of specialties. The concepts and frameworks taught by our faculty in your custom program are based on the faculty's cutting-edge research. This expertise offers combinations of strategic management, leadership, and innovation with science, engineering, and technology, enabling participants to be more effective in today's complex, global, and technology-driven world.

    Our faculty's frameworks provide your participants with new ways to think about doing business, new perspectives for analyzing challenges, and new approaches for solving problems. Working at this critical intersection of management, science, and technology is what gives MIT Sloan—and now your organization—an edge.

    Learning in Action

    The fundamental nature of MIT's relationship with industry is inscribed in our motto—Mens et Manus (Mind and Hand)—knowledge and its practical application. This core principle drives everything we do, and our executive programs are no exception. In our custom programs, we employ a variety of approaches that closely examine immediate company issues, create an engaging learning experience, and lead to real outcomes for the company.