Planning Your Certificate

Pursuing an Executive Certificate allows you to further your business knowledge and skills on a convenient, flexible schedule of your own design. Our professional certificate programs run throughout the year and are typically two days to one week in duration. The certificates are offered in three areas of concentration, providing executives with the opportunity to tailor their education plans to meet their own specific interests and business goals.

Executive Certificates are offered in three tracks. Click on the one that appeals to you in order to be taken to a list of sample plans:

Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management  

Sample Executive Certificate Costs

Executive Certificates are designed to meet your individual education needs. You select and attend four programs: three in your chosen track and one additional program, your “elective” within four years. The total cost would be the costs of the individual programs you attend. You may choose all two-day programs or a mixture of two-day and week-long programs.  You don't have to enroll in and pay for all of the programs at one time, however there are significant savings when you take advantage of the Multiple Program Registration Discount*.

Technology, Operations, and Value Chain Management certificate (all two-day programs)

Total cost: $13,200 or if you used the Multiple Program Registration Discount*, your total cost would be: $11,715 (a savings of $1,485)

Strategy and Innovation certificate (three two-day programs and one three-day program)

Total cost: $13,800 or if you used the Multiple Program Registration Discount*, your total cost would be: $12,225 (a savings of $1,575)

* Multiple Program Registration Discount:
Individuals registering at one time for more than one program receive 15% off each “additional” program (e.g., If you are enrolling in four 2-day programs, the first program would be at the full price of $3,300, and the three additional programs would be at the discounted price of $2,805 each). All program registrations must be submitted via a single application form.

These are just examples of the many different program combinations available. Our executive education staff will be happy to assist you in designing your Executive Certificate program plan to meet your individual and organizational objectives. Please feel free to contact us at 617-253-7166 or