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Cutting staff is not a good operations strategy for retail

Retailers often resort to making HR changes in order to lower costs. They simply cut staff, which is only a temporary fix. As Zeynep Ton, Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, commented to ABC’s “Good Morning America,” “retailers who cut staff to cut costs are succumbing to a vicious cycle, where the staff reductions result in lower customer satisfaction,” which then negates the financial gains from the initial staff cuts.

The issue of retail staff reductions and its impact on consumers has come to the forefront of consumers’ minds due to recent issues at Walmart. The New York Times detailed the issue in “Walmart Strains to Keep Aisles Stocked Fresh,” April 3, 2013, and states that some employees and industry analysts feel that Walmart “no longer has enough workers to stock its shelves properly.”

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