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Is there a hole in JetBlue’s digital strategy?

Winter weather—and its associated travel woes—are nothing new to the Northeast or the Midwest. But the early storm (Hercules) of 2014 saw a nearly unprecedented level of cancellations and chaos days after the actual storm.

Those most impacted were passengers of JetBlue. Several days after the initial storm, JetBlue halted all operations at Boston’s Logan International Airport and all three New York-area airports. According to, “JetBlue said it cancelled 435 flights, affecting 49,000 passengers.” The airline blamed both the weather and new FAA rules that extended the hours of rest crews needed between flights.

Not only has this incident exposed some core airline operations issues—not planning for the extension in required rest hours and not having the flexibility to move aircraft—but it has also exposed some holes in JetBlue’s digital customer service.

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