Online Programs

We are continuously adding new online programs to our portfolio. Below are the courses we are currently offering:

Intelligent Organizations 4Dx (live online)
This new online program is conducted in an immersive environment that enables participants to interact in real time with peers and faculty through avatars in virtual classrooms. The course illustrates how people and computers can be connected in new ways so that collectively they act more intelligently than any person, group, or computer has done previously. It is designed to help executives understand how to create a competitive advantage by harnessing organizational approaches made possible by the latest communications technologies.

Platform Revolution: Making Networked Markets Work for You
The two-sided networked market is one of the most important economic and social developments of our time. What companies and industries are most affected by these platform approaches? Why is the change to network markets happening now? And, what can your company do to adapt and thrive? This digital, four-week program is designed for managers, executives, investors, and entrepreneurs interested in creating, managing, or understanding business platforms.

Pricing 4Dx (live online)
Explore the pricing spectrum, from a primitive, gut feel approach to a confident level of performing complex segmentation and applying pricing metrics to make better decisions. Collaborate virtually with professionals from a variety of industries and team on projects that test your new pricing skills. This is a technical class that will require use of spreadsheets and data analysis in the online environment.

Sample 4Dx

Sample 4Dx Classroom