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An MIT Sloan Executive Certificate is formal recognition of your professional development and commitment to continuous learning. Pursuing an Executive Certificate allows you to further your business knowledge and skills on a convenient, flexible schedule of your own design. Our professional certificate programs run throughout the year and are typically two days to one week in duration. The certificates are offered in three areas of concentration, providing executives with the opportunity to tailor their education plans to meet their own specific interests and business goals. Following our professional certificate tracks helps focus your development on a set of competencies that will allow you to have an immediate and lasting impact on your organization's future. See who has earned an executive certificate and read how it has impacted them or watch a short video of participant Lazarus Vekiarides speaking about why he pursued an Executive Certificate.

To qualify for an Executive Certificate, participants must complete four programs—with at least three of the four coming from their chosen certificate track—within a four-year period. At least one of these programs must be attended in person rather than virtually. There are many different program combinations available when designing the Executive Certificate plan that is right for you, including the option of completing the Executive Certificate requirements in one short visit.

Each Executive Certificate plan is customized by the individual so the cost of the Executive Certificate depends on the programs selected. For example, you may select three two-day programs and one week-long program or four two day programs, etc.; the cost will vary depending on your choices. Take advantage of our multi-registration discount by registering for several programs at one time via a single application form. This discount takes 15% off each "additional" program (e.g., If you are enrolling in four two-day programs, the first program would be at the full price of $3,300, and the three additional programs would be at the discounted price of $2,805 each.)

SAMPLE Executive Certificate in One Visit Plans and Costs

Participants who have earned an Executive Certificate will receive:

  • 20% discount on our business programs
  • Invitations to special events and networking opportunities
  • Updates on faculty research, new programs, and School initiatives
  • Membership in the MIT Sloan Executive Certificate Network Group on LinkedIn

Participants who attend 25 program days and complete at least two programs from each Executive Certificate track within a four-year period are eligible for—ACE, the Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management, Innovation, and Technology.

Our executive education staff will be happy to assist you in designing your Executive Certificate program plan to meet your individual and organizational objectives. Please feel free to contact us at sloanexeced@mit.edu.

If you are not interested in pursuing an Executive Certificate at this time and would like to see a complete list of the individual programs we offer, view our open enrollment executive development and management programs.


Meet global business leaders who have earned an executive certificate and read how it has impacted their career.

Advanced Management Program
A transformative month-long executive education program 
May 26-June 26, 2015