Earn Your MIT Sloan ACE in One Visit 

The Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management, innovation, and Technology (ACE) is a special Executive Certificate for participants who attend 25 program days and complete at least two programs from each Executive Certificate track within a four-year period. It is designed for executives from any industry or level of responsibility who see the value of staying current with the latest thought leadership, management insights and business expertise provided by the MIT Sloan School of Management. ACE is not a single program with a single group of participants. As an ACE participant, you choose the programs that best suite your interests and schedule. You can start earning ACE at any time, as soon as you enroll in one of our 25 open enrollment programs. Many people have asked for plans that would allow them to earn the ACE in one visit.

SI = Strategy & Innovation track
ML = Management & Leadership track
TOPS = Technology, Operations & Value Chain Strategy track

Please note that several of the programs in the Fall sample schedule are now full and maintaining waitlists.

ACE in One Visit Sample for Fall 2014:

October 14-15: Building Game-Changing Organizations: Aligning Purpose, Performance, and People  SI  (Program Days: 2)
October 16-17: Revitalizing Your Digital Business Model  SI  (Program Days: 2)
October 21-22: Intelligent Organizations: Collaboration and the Future of Work ML   (Program Days: 2)
October 23-24: Building, Leading, and Sustaining the Innovative Organization  SI  (Program Days: 2)
October 27-29: Understanding Global Markets: Macroeconomics for Executives  SI (Program Days: 3)
October 30-31: Creating High Velocity Organizations ML  (Program Days: 2)
November 4-5: Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy TOPS   (Program Days: 2)
November 6-7: Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems ML   (Program Days: 2)
November 11-12: Fundamentals of Finance for the Technical Executive ML (Program Days: 2)
November 13-14: Essential IT for Non-IT Executives TOPS  (Program Days: 2)
November 18-19: Transforming Your Leadership Strategy ML  (Program Days: 2)
November 20-21: Implementing Improvement Strategies: Practical Tools and Methods  TOPS  (Program Days: 2)

Total: 25 program days

ACE in One Visit Sample for Summer 2015:

May 17-22: Leading Change in Complex Organizations ML (Program Days: 5)
May 26-27: Managing Technical Professionals and Organizations ML (Program Days: 2)
May 28-29: Creating High Velocity Organizations ML (Program Days: 2)
June 1-3: Understanding Global Markets SI (Program Days: 3)
June 4-5: Maximizing Your Personal Productivity ML (Program Days: 2)
June 9-10: Developing and Managing a Successful Technology and Product Strategy SI (Program Days: 2)
June 11-12: Strategic Marketing for the Technical Executive ML (Program Days: 2)
June 16-17: Platform Strategy: Building and Thriving in a Vibrant Ecosystem SI (Program Days: 2)
June 18-19: Supply Chain Strategy and Management TOPS (Program Days: 2)
June 23-24: Implementing Improvement Strategies TOPS (Program Days: 2)
June 25-26: Fundamentals of Finance for the Technical Executive ML (Program Days: 2)

Total: 26 program days